Thursday, March 8, 2018

Books featuring strong female leads for International Women's Day 2018

Celebrating International's Women's Day here at Cottage Used Books!   March 8th marks a day to celebrate the achievements of Women everywhere.

There are so many great fiction books with strong female leads but here are 6 we chose from around the store

Hunger games  -  Who doesn't want to be Katniss!  With her tale of rebellion against an oppressive government, She is a great inspiration to young women leaders.

To Kill a Mockingbird - Told from the perspective of a young girl named Scout Finch.  The book breaks all the stereo typical roles of southern women.  Scout is a courageous, smart, and independent young girl.

Pride and Prejudice - The story is set back in the 1800's, this book focuses on a variety of different women. All women portrayed in this book are intelligent, strong minded and independent.  The Author, Jane Eyre, with her many amazing novels, is an inspiration to all women writers.

The Help - Strong female leads in the book!  From Skeeter who wants to be a writer, to the two African-American maids, Aibileen  and Minny, they join together to change the views of Women in their town and beyond. Truly inspiring.

Cinder - A great YA novel with a fairy tale spin.  Cinder is a cyborg who must save the earth from her evil step-mother!

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo -   A great thriller novel with Lisbeth in the lead!  A strong, spunky character with amazing survival skills.  

We also have many non-fiction Women's inspirational books!  Stop in and check out our motivational section to help you reach your dreams!

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